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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You just never know....

The last thing I think of when I make a film or a piece or a work or a segment is what the long term effects are going to be of it.  Or where it will sit in the annals of my personal history of that of the region or in other peoples minds.  I make films because I love to do it.  It's that simple.  Some will be great, and others not. But it's about the enjoyment of crafting something really dear to me that spurs me on.

So when a film is out doing it's thing, like BlueGreen is currently, and people reach out to you because of some sort of connection you have made with them through the piece you created, it is a pretty amazing feeling. It was this feeling I had when I got an email from Mark Marovich, the originator of a fantastic website called The Greener Blue

Mark contacted me because he wanted to talk about the film and the site getting together.  There was a message we both shared, and the film and the site shared:  the desire to try to make the sport and lifestyle we both love more earth friendly, more sustainable. At first I was really flattered, but then I realized what a cool thing this was.  That through the film I created I had randomly come to the attention of another group who were of a similar mindset in the world.  Thus making the circle that much wider.

And making the sustainable surf, ocean lifestyle circle that much wider is a huge deal indeed.  I feel pretty lucky, and very humbled that I get to be part of it, and that without any planned intentions my film has facilitated part of that, if only in a small way.

Check out the this amazing site: and the blog post on BlueGreen. It's a confluence of green ideas, art and action. As ocean lovers, we owe it to ourselves and the world to expand the circle just a little bit. Intentionally or otherwise.