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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big News!

As of July 15th, this Friday, BlueGreen will be available for streaming on Netflix!  This is huge for us at Dubious Honor.  A while back after the film got picked up by the awesome Cinema Libre Studios, we embarked on a campaign to get the film onto Netflix.  Within the last year they have changed a lot of their rules, so as an indie, you sort of have to prove your worth.

So to do that we lobbied friends and fans alike, folks we didn't know and folks we did to Queue the film up.  This way Netflix would realize the demand.  And it worked!  Now you will be able to view BlueGreen on almost any of your devices.  You can get stoked and connect with mother ocean almost anywhere.  We are very, very psyched indeed.

So check it out.  And thank you to all who lobbied and helped out, and are interested in seeing the film.

Post Script: Keep your ear to the ground for super huge news regarding our next project... Its going to be huge and we are wicked excited about it.