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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just One Step: The Human Need To Run

Just One Step: The Human Need To Run
New Film explores why we pursue the act of running

Portland, Maine, October 2, 2015 – They are everywhere. Runners. In all places and in all conditions. Why do they do it?

What is it about running? Why is the running industry booming, and people hitting the streets, the track, the trail or the treadmill in increasing numbers every day? Is it just a desire to be fit, to lose a little weight, or ‘get some exercise’? A new documentary by Benjamin Keller entitled “Just One Step” takes issue with that notion.

Approaching the subject through action sequences, science and putting himself through the paces as well Keller begins to unwind the story of how and why we run. The result is the beautiful, funny and thought provoking documentary “Just One Step”, currently in production in a variety of locations across the country.

“Running is one of those things that has always felt foreign to me,” says film maker Benjamin Keller, “it hurts, I am slow, and I pay for it for days afterwards. Yet through my immersion in the running culture, I have found that there is definitely something more to it than just ‘getting exercise’. There is something else to it- something that might be better, and possibly worse than mere exercise. I wanted to find out.”

In exploring the human need to run Keller has tracked down a number of leaders in the world of running.  Among those slated to be in the film are athletes Karl Meltzer, Mark Godale, Sabrina Little, Anna frost, Mike Westphal, and more. The film is also going to feature renowned, and in some cases controversial, scientists like John Ratey and Martin Matsumura

“Just One Step”, through interviews and stories of these people and with stunning cinematography, will take the viewer to places they didn’t expect from a film about something seemingly mundane like running.

“It’s not really a ‘running film’” says Keller “It appeals to runners and non runners alike. The reason being that the film is more about us as humans, how we operate in our daily lives, and move through our world. And our needs, what our brains and bodies need and desire. We are closing in on finishing production currently but are hoping to raise enough funds to get there. We currently have a Kickstarter campaign running and are spreading the word. Folks who join the Just One Step team will help bring this amazing film to the world.”

For more information about “Just One Step”, or contribute to the campaign, visit

Filmmaker Ben Keller founded Dubious Honor Productions in 1993 as a music company and in 1998, expanded the company to embrace visual media.  The company’s focus is showing the real face of its documentary subjects, focusing especially in the Northeast and Maine where Keller has resided for the past 22 years.  “Just One Step” is the sixth documentary film by Dubious Honor Productions with several more in development.