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Monday, December 13, 2010

'Tis the season! To give ocean consciousness!

The holidays are here, no matter how hard I have tried to be distracted with other things. Even though the battle for access rages on in my home town, and the intertidal lands of my state are up for review, the holidays have come.

As every year, I feel sort of blase about the whole thing until our annual co-hosted holiday party. This even seems to always kick things into high gear for me. This year was no exception either! 100 people and tons of kids running crazy all over the house, Food, drink, merriment, and the true spirit of the holidays- time with loved ones family and friends all. Meeting new friends, reconnecting with old. Community. My community.

It is soon after this party that I realize, oh criminy! I haven't bought gift 1 yet! Yike!

It's a somewhat panicky moment for sure. But it always works itself out. I like giving gifts. I like taking the time to think about a person, and what they truly love, what I think they would appreciate, and what I think could really be excellent for them. But sometimes the panic overtakes this desire and I just freek out and buy.

Which is no good. You may have these holiday moments as well. So in an effort to help you curb such distress (in a somewhat self promoting way) I want to suggest to you a great gift for all lovers of the ocean, of surfing and of connection to nature. Grab a copy of BlueGreen from Cinema Libre. There is still tons of time.

It's got extra features, and a soundtrack included with the award winning documentary. Pick up a few copies for all the ocean enthusiasts in your life- grab one for yourself too. This documentary is a must see for everyone looking for their connection.

Have a BlueGreen holiday!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Processes can sometimes be hard.  Especially when the people that set up the rules that everyone else has to work by don't adhere to the rules themselves.

Here in my beautiful state of Maine we are undergoing huge coastal access issues. I mean it's not just here, North Carolina, Florida and Texas are all under similar duress.  But for some reason it is really coming to a head here in the northeast.  There are several cases pending in court which will determine whether or not coastal land owners continue to own to the low tide mark (one of 2 states- can you guess the other?) or the high tide mark.  More on this in another post...

But here, in my little burg we have been waging another war.  There is a beautiful little beach, not far from downtown Portland where the surf comes up in storms and when it's placid the townsfolk walk their dogs, hang with their families and generally get a moment to feel like they actually ive ina place that tries to incorporate the wonders of the coast into our every day lives.  It is a big, big reason why many people live here.

But recently a small group of landowners near the beach have been seeking to remove all on street parking. And they are making headway. We are trying, fighting the hard battle but it seems we are losing ground. In the belief that blogs should be short and readable I won't go into the terrible details, but if you are interested I can point you in the right direction (see below). But watch this quick little vid I put together to talk about the  issue.

But what I wanted to get to here is that last night we had an opportunity to talk before the town council about the issue.  One ex councilor brought up that the changes needed to be kicked back to an ordinance committee, because that is the procedure. Eventually what happened was that one of the councilors started berating the crowd and bullying the other councilors into not pushing it back and started bringing up all these points that the crowd was not allowed to mention because they were not on the agenda. He sat in his bully pulpit with another councilor and offered challenges to the crowd that due to procedure were not allowed to be answered.

Frustrating is not even close to what most were feeling. The whole issue is crazy.  The system is broken. The town is supporting a handful of their constituents against the rest of the public who clearly don't support the changes. They aren't listening.  It is really disheartening to believe you live in a democratic society where your voice will be heard, where you elect officials thinking they will do the best for the town and it's people, to be confronted by this.

I realize that I am still so enraged by this that this post probably will not make any sense. So for tose of you who are interested in yet another battle where the monied landowners are trying to deprive the taxpayers of their right to access public coastline you can check out what is going on here:  or another good resource is

As a video tape of the meeting is public record I will be posting this crazy outburst by the councilors. I think that this is ridiculous, and people need to know what goes on behind the closed doors of small town politics.