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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


What does it take?  What does it take for one to get moving? I started a documentary project just about a year ago now and it has been slow going.  Sure, things like summer and kids and romance and waves and all sorts of things beckon me at every turn, and those are things I cherish so they are always a welcome addition to my life. But I love storytelling, and I love creating and I love putting the pieces together. So why has it been so hard to just delve into this project and, well, put the pieces together?

Recently my lovely partner and I sat at a lovely lunch in the lovely Portland Public market and talked all about it. Investment and genesis and approaches and additions and all sorts of inspiration flowed in that hour (she is an amazingly inspiring human, to say the least). Yet I was still having trouble just making the leap, just opening up the files and doing the work.

That night I lay in bed and thought about everything.  About how this could be great.  About all the things we talked about at lunch. About how this stage in the process for me is the one I always have the hardest time with. It doesn't quite light me up like other parts, and that, despite all of the lights at the ends of different tunnels and doors waiting to be opened,  was dragging me down.  And why? I guess because at this stage I feel the least creative with the piece.  It's the part that doesn't always flow naturally for me and I struggle.

So how to ignite that spark in this moment? How to get the tinder of the mind hot enough to maybe start a little flame, and how to fan that into fire? What can I do that I find creative and useful and fun and a reminder and an inspiration?  I am sure it's different for every person, and probably for every project I will do should I find myself in a similar space. But right here right now it was obvious.  T-shirts! I would create fun little nothing t shirts every Monday that would be a creative little reminder and inspiration then wear it every morning while I plug away at the piece. It doesn't have to be arty or over the top or spend hours creating.  Just a fun message to myself.

I know it sounds silly but the creative part of making a tee that is a reminder, is a drive and an ignition in itself for me. I have been moving on the project with more vigor than in a long while and am starting to see possibilities here for a larger, better piece than originally envisioned. So for now, I will continue with my t-shirts, and shape and create what is going to be a fantastic doc.

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