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Thursday, June 5, 2014


One of the most exciting times in a project for us is the beginning.  The beginning, not the genesis, not the concept or idea, (though those are exciting and motivating as well) but the actual digging in and starting.  The work.  The getting out and doing what needs to be done.  The figuring out of the processes and paths that you need to successfully begin a new project.  The placing of the camera in the hand, and the walking out the door.

 That is precisely what happened over the last couple of days.  While there are numerous projects happening at once, there is a new full length project that we have embarked on. But this is a multi-year project.  So we are going after it slowly and steadily.

We headed north to shoot out on the waters surrounding Mount Desert Island. Our first day was glorious and long.  Sunny and filled with wildlife, wind and swell.

It's precisely these days that are so invigorating to us!  The beginning of a new project! Out on the water! Shooting!  Sussing out the complexities of the processes and paths!

We were extremely lucky to have our first day go so well.  Off to a great start.  The next day, not so much.  Socked in with fog, big swell, downpours and a number of other factors that highlighted safety as a concern. We decided to postpone our second day. 

But that didn't drain the enthusiasm for the beginning of this new project. Our first day, of what promises to be many many days over a handful of years, was an incredible kickoff. A perfect first step.

Starting.  Here we go.

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