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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Where did the summer go?  What happened?  Work, fun, messed up ankle, travel, and poof!  Gone!

So a few quick updates....  The Angel Light film we worked on has been accepted into the Big Aple Film Festival!  Woo!  We will be attending.  Very excited for Kira and Angel Light!  You can watch it here:

We also ran up to Ontario to shoot the the big Race that is the highlight of the documentary we are working on about two women, their friendship and running.  Its a pretty amazing story.  I won't tell you what happened at the 100 (!) mile race but it's going to make for a good doc.  We are just finishing up some of the outdoor shots for this before the leaves turn and we sink into the edit.

Last but not least Dubious Honor is in talks to become the main shoot crew on a pretty big deal documentary.  We are very excited at the prospects and fingers crossed it all comes together.  More on this as it progresses.

In our spare time (ha!) we have been attempting to master the art of heli flying and shooting, as well as the art of tilt shift.  So much to learn!  We are using a lot of this for the new tour video we are working on for the Shipyard Brewing Company. Who we love! I will have to post some of the out takes of some of the spectacular crashes we have had....

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