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Friday, May 9, 2014

Get thee outside!

It's days like the past couple of days that remind me I love to shoot.  Why?  Because I love to shoot outside.  And luckily that is where a majority of my shooting occurs.  I am beyond lucky.  Yes, I like it as much in winter as I do in summer.  Though admittedly my staying power diminishes with every degree below 32.

But the last few days, wow.  I don't think I could have asked for better conditions.  Sunny, warm, little wind, just perfect to be outside and on the water. We were brought on to shoot the Windjammer Angelique in her first trip up the coast from Camden to Belfast for her every other year haul out.

My gosh, it was beautiful.  Incredible deep blue clear skies, early morning spring light, and really, what can compare with the majesty of a 135 foot ketch.  Really.

The boat was brought up to Front Street Shipyard in Belfast and hauled out in a massive sling. Which is nothing short of a miracle of modern technology. Needless to say, the location, the conditions, the beautiful boat and the incredible feat of technology made this one incredible shoot.

The boatyard itself provided an amazing backdrop for these operations.  We flew the drone, looked for interesting and different angles and perspectives and got what we believe to be some pretty impressive and beautiful imagery.

Captain Dennis Gallant called this a 'shave and a haircut', followed by a 'splash and dash' . Angelique was out of the water for less than 24 hours. But in those 24 hours we got enough to put together a sweet little pre-season piece about prepping for the upcoming season.

Both the Angelique and Front Street Shipyard were hugely accommodating and made this shoot very easy.  We are really excited to put together this piece.  Watch for it soon!

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